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Appreciated Assets, IRA and Legacy Gifts

Donate Appreciated Property
Donors who own appreciated assets, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate or business interests, receive additional tax benefits from donating these assets. In addition to a tax deductible contribution receipt for the full fair market value of the asset, the donor DOES NOT have to report the capital gains tax associated with the asset.

For example, the stock “Jane” purchased 20 years ago for $1,000 is now worth $10,000. If she sold it with the intent of donating the proceeds, she would have to pay Federal and State capital gains tax on the $9,000 appreciation. If the combined rate was 20%, the taxes due would be $1,800 and she would only have $7,200 to donate. But if she transfers the stock directly to Casa Teresa, her “gift” is the full fair market value — she completely avoids the capital gains tax.

Donate from your IRA
If you must take Required Minimum Distributions from an IRA, you may want to donate directly to Casa Teresa from that account. Distributions from retirement accounts are typically taxed as ordinary income. However, charitable contributions from an IRA are NOT reportable as taxable income. Please contact us so we can guide you through the fairly simple, but essential process.

A Legacy Bequest
Without question, during one’s lifetime people must carefully balance philanthropic support for their favorite causes with current living needs, family circumstance and future unknowns — even the simple reality of longer lifespans AND economic uncertainty. For individuals who passionately share Casa Teresa’s calling, a legacy gift through a will or living trust may ideally suit their family and philanthropic objectives.

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