Casa Teresa Stories

Transformational Stories of Casa Teresa:
In Their Own Words

Take a moment to listen to the healing journey of just a few of the many women who have experienced Casa Teresa as the home with a heart to empower their transformation.

Alina’s Story: Casa Teresa’s Alumni Program

Casa Teresa graduate, Alina, shares her story.

Casa Teresa’s Bridge Program: Stephanie

Casa Teresa graduate, Stephanie, shares her story.

A Beacon of Hope

Shaina shares her Casa Teresa story of being taken off the streets as a pregnant homeless woman.

Redemption: Erica’s Journey

The heartwarming journey of Erica who transformed her life after struggling with homelessness and pregnancy.

A Tale of Three Mothers

A portrait of three mothers who transformed their lives through the love and support of Casa Teresa.

Finding Hope at Casa Teresa

Kayla shares how she grew through her time at Casa Teresa and now loves to help other people find their passion in life. 

Heather Shares Her Story

Casa Teresa graduate Heather, shares Her Story.

Casa Teresa’s Emergency Maternity Shelter

A trusted and compassionate team of professionals and a proven residential program.

Gala Message from Casa Teresa Founder

A message from Sally O’Neil, the founder of Casa Teresa, and her son Neil for the 2018 Casa Teresa Ruby Gala.

Heart of a Volunteer

Deeply rooted in the Orange County community, Casa Teresa provides pregnant women in crisis a loving home to begin their healing journey.

Home With a Heart

A loving tribute to the love and dedication of this incredible organization.

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