What Motherhood Means to Me by Casa Teresa Resident, Chelsea

by Casa Teresa
May 9, 2021

To me motherhood is:
A new beginning, a second chance, a beautiful opportunity, redemption.
Accepting all the challenges that come with every change, whether big or small.
Waking up every two hours at night and feeling happy to do so.
Becoming selfless and learning how to serve others wholeheartedly.
Frightening and delicate.
A choice.
Unconditional love.
Strength and beauty.
Pulling it together so others don’t fall apart.
Asking God for guidance in all circumstances.
An attitude.
Continuous and never-ending growth.
Blowouts and throw up.
Heartbreaks and crying sessions.
Joy and happiness.
Side-aching laughter.
Hard work.
And kissing privacy goodbye.

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